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भाजपा ने किस तरह 1.08 लाख करोड़ की रिपैकेजिंग की

जब विशेषज्ञों ने इन आंकड़ों की बारिकियों को समझा तो उन्होंने पाया कि 1.25 लाख करोड़ रुपये के विशेष पैकेज में 1.08 लाख करोड़ तो उन स्वीकृत विकास परियोजनाओं से संबंधित हैं, जिन पर पहले से काम हो रहा है!

Law & Order

Bihar’s crime statistics show consistent improvement, BJP-Governed States lag far behind

Reports from the National Crime Statistics Bureau for 2014 show that Bihar fares better than most BJP-government states when comparing the rates—incidence of various crimes per lakh population.


Bihar far better on crime statistics than BJP-Governed States

It is easy for detractors to make tall claims that are not backed by reality. But the numbers speak for themselves. In 2014, Bihar had a consistently better record across major crime categories than Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Chhattisgarh, not to mention the other four BJP-governed states.


Nitish Kumar highlights achievements – Grand Alliance shines at the Swabhiman Rally

By laying out his vision and electoral platform in detail both before and at the rally, Nitish Kumar once again showed that his past achievements serve as a measure for future progress. In the end, a solid track record coupled with concrete ideas and a will to implement carried the day.

Package Truth

When will Bihar receive the so called special package from PM Modi ?

Not only is the public disillusioned after learning that only 10,368 crores of the mega package will actually come from new projects, it has no clue about when the state will actually receive this meager amount. Or even the preapproved allocations for that matter.

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